International and local growth with new technology and special expertice

Haades Oy is established in 2002. It invests in companies developing new technology and having special expertice.

Haades takes active part in strategic and operative development in companies it has invested in and therefore has also ownership stakes of those companies.

Haades has investments in fields of sensor and location technologies, in risk management solutions and in special security consulting.



Risk management software and solutions for corporate and public segment customers. Majority owner.


Information acquiring and assessment services especially in risk managenet and security related fields. Minority owner.


Sensor and location based solutions for real-time monitoring of supply chains in for example farmaceutical and food industries. Majority owner.

Contact Information

Haades Oy

Parantolankatu 11
FIN-05800 Hyvinkää
+358 40 557 3389

Chairman of the Board:

Jyrki Paananen
+358 400 458 501